Howto have terminal as background/wallpaper on elementary OS

You want to have some nice CLI wallpaper instead of the traditional wallpaper? This guide will show you how. To have Bashop running (in the screenshot) check: Bashtop: Resource monitor for CLI.

You may also want to change the color of the panel to fit your terminal theme: Howto change the color/transparency of wingpanel.

Now to setting up elementary OS with terminal background/wallpaper. Copy/paste this command;

sudo apt install guake

You can now launch Guake from Applications —> System Tools —> Guake Terminal.

[F12] shows the Guake on/off so you can always come back to your normal Desktop. Right click on Guake and choose Preferences. Max out Height and Width. Don’t choose Fullscreen as it will cover the upper panel. You may want to play around with Appearance as well.

When you are done setting it up. Go to elementary OS System Settings —> Applications —> Startup. Add

guake --show 

to the startup. If you want bashtop to start automatically use this command instead:

guake --show -e bashtop


Tested on: elementary OS 5.1.7

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